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Legal Filings

Although it may seem obvious, filing your legal documents is important and cannot be forgotten. Filing is simply the act of submitting a document or documents to the clerk of a court. Submitting your documents means the court can start to review said paperwork and store them in the court’s files for future reference. blog

Courts will not even consider motions unless the appropriate paperwork is filed before the deadline, so although sometimes it feels trivial, paperwork is still a must.

Methods of Filing

Traditionally filing has been done by visiting a clerk in a court at a filing window. Typically there is a fee for filing, and the court clerk should inspect each document to ensure compliance and completion.

If you’re in the greater central Texas area and need your legal paperwork filed, but you don’t have time to go to the court yourself (or if you just don’t feel like dealing with the lines), look no further than Pro Courier Service. We provide legal filing services and dedicated drivers so your documents are sure to arrive on time.

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