3 Fun Facts About Historical Couriers

654927490 souther stage coach courier.jpgThough we’ve reached a stage in technological advancement when most messages can be shared across the world at the touch of a button. But even despite that, there are still so many things that we still need to send the old fashioned way. Your team at Pro Courier Service is paying homage to some of the forerunners of the courier business.

Running In The Sun

The earliest recorded instance of a courier service was in Egypt, over four thousand years ago. At the time, something very similar to modern courier services was used by Pharaohs to deliver their documents throughout their kingdoms.

Wells Fargo

In the United States, the first dedicated courier service to open was none other than Wells Fargo. Though they’re now a bank, they were well known couriers, and preceded the legendary Pony Express!

Famous Figures

Speaking of the Pony Express, it included famous riders like Buffalo Bill and Robert Haslam, who delivered Abraham Lincoln’s inaugural address and held the record for the longest round trip in the service.

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