3 Reasons To Hire A Legal Courier

565710571 courier delivering parcel box“Legal courier” doesn’t refer to couriers operating within the law (although they certainly do that), but instead refers to couriers who specialize in delivering legal documents, and there are good reasons every law firm should use them.

Record Keeping

Besides their speed and precision, courier companies keep meticulous records of every delivery; exactly the kind of thing you need when trying to get a court document in someone’s hands, and prove that it got there.

Knowledge of the Terrain

Law firms are often in the position of needing something signed by a certain time, and often find that the party needing to sign is somewhere else. Couriers are trained to know your area, and to know the fastest way from A to B.

Express Service

Not only do couriers know the area, they can navigate it fast. They often offer express service for the kinds of time-sensitive documents that law firms so often need delivered.

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3 Traits of a Good Courier Service

616311854 Professional delivery service courierNot all courier services are created equal. Some specialize or excel in certain aspects, but fall short in others. The best courier services share a few things in common, though.


A good service can provide proof that they’re licensed to work in the area, and are bonded and insured. They should also have a security policy that ensures your package won’t be left unattended.


Though it goes without saying that you want someone reliable, doing your due diligence on courier services is particularly important, since your own business’s reputation may hang on their performance.


What really separates the big fish from the small is how quickly they can get your job done. A good courier service will have multiple delivery options that will let you customize your service, and allow you to rely on them in a pinch.

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Things To Know Before Hiring A Courier

680248639 delivery service courierA lot of time and effort, and thus money, can be saved with a little help from your local courier services. But there are a few things you should know, first, to temper your expectations.

Know The Timing Constraints

It is relatively uncommon for courier services to schedule specific times for pickups and deliveries. Your items need to be ready when they come to pick them up.

Prepare Precise Directions

Want to be your courier’s favorite customers? Give them exact details for their delivery; anything that can make it happen quickly and accurately helps.

Plan Ahead

What this all boils down to is planning ahead. Couriers can do some unexpected jobs. Rush translations are a common example. But for most situations, you can get the most from your courier service by planning your delivery in advance.

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Food Pickup and Delivery Services in Texas

Takeout arranged on a white table

Whether you’re swamped with work or just want to stay inside, there are a lot of reasons that a food pickup and delivery service can make your life easier.

From fast food restaurants that don’t offer delivery to local places with slow delivery times and everything in between, we can help. At Pro Courier Service we know what a difference fast and reliable food delivery can make. Don’t chance the driver getting lost or taking their own sweet time. We deliver your order fast.

Contact us now to learn more about our food pickup and delivery services in the greater central Texas area.

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3 Ways to Utilize a Your Local Texas Courier Service

Courier service employee delivering packages

Life can get busy quickly and leave you with little time to get everything done that you need to. At Pro Courier Service we know how difficult it can be to fit everything into your day and are here to help make it easier. Our services include:

  1. Legal services.
  2. Personalized shopping.
  3. Expedited Texas birth certificate and apostille services.

Learn more about these and the other courier services we offer in the greater central Texas area. With same day birth certificate services and more available, we offer the fastest, most trusted and dependable delivery service around. Contact us now.

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Protect Your Packages with Mail Pickup and Drop Off

Woman delivering packages

This world just isn’t what it used to be. Although there have been wonderful and exciting developments in technology and medicine, there has also been a decline in the safety and security of local neighborhoods.

If you are expecting a package to be delivered to your home and don’t want to leave it unattended or are expecting an important document that can’t wait until after business hours, Pro Courier Service is here to help.

We know how important and time sensitive the mail can be which is why we offer daily mail pickup and drop off in the greater central Texas area. Contact us now to learn more about our mail pickup and drop off and other legal courier services.

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Why Do You Need an Apostille?

Woman certifying official documents

An apostille is a certification of documents going to foreign countries and is administered by the Secretary of State or authorized counterparts. The purpose is to certify that the signature on the document(s) is authentic.

There are a number of documents that may require an apostille. They include:

  • Documents originating in a court
  • Administrative documents
  • Notarial acts
  • Official certificates placed on documents

If you need a Texas apostille services fast, think Pro Courier Service. We specialize in the filing, processing, copying, and retrieval of legal documents, making the process easier for you. Contact us now for more information.

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